Sport calf


Made of specially selected raw materials from Southern Germany. Traditional chrome tanning. Barrel colouring, protein-based pure water finish. Full-grain leather.

Equipped with a dirt-, oil-, and waterproof Scotchgard impregnated finish, this leather is of excellent practical value, a very comfortable wear, and durability.

This leather should be stored at a relative humidity of 60-70% and be dampened before tweaking. Well defined milled grain, an elegant two-shades-look, a fully rounded feel, as well as a silky sheen

characterise these skins. Thickness: 1.3-1.5 mm.

The production of this product takes place in Germany from the start. The tanning process is therefore subject to strict German environmental policies concerning waste water, exhaust air, and waste. All regulations of this tannery are properly met.

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